The Dreaded Appraisal: Both Sides of the Appraisal Interview

Duration : 2 hours Course Level : Introductory Delivery Method : Online
Course Cost : £40.00

A 2007 survey [1] found that only 41% of employees who receive appraisals think they are a useful assessment of progress. Businesses that conduct effective appraisals give themselves a real competitive edge – they are able to measure employee effectiveness, give feedback on performance and identify training and development needs.

The Dreaded Appraisal: Both Sides of the Appraisal Interview provides a step-by-step guide to conducting an appraisal interview. By following the techniques outlined in the course, managers will be better placed to use the appraisal interview to increase motivation, develop potential and improve performance.

[1] Source: YouGov for Investors in People, 2007

Who is the course for?

The Dreaded Appraisal: Both Sides of the Appraisal Interview is a suitable starting point for people who are likely to become first-time managers, and those who are already managers but have little or no knowledge of conducting appraisal interviews.

This course is appropriate to any business sector, there are no formal entry requirements and employees do not require any prior experience.

What will you get from this course?

When you have completed this course you will be able to:

  • understand the techniques required for effective appraisal interviewing
  • identify three common interviewee styles that are difficult for managers to deal with
  • adopt an open and honest approach
  • focus on facts and agree to realistic and measurable targets

Course features

Famous faces including Dawn French, Robert Lindsay and Bryan Murray will show you how to and how not to go about conducting an appraisal interview. The course tackles three appraisee characters: Shy Sharon, Touchy Tracey and Aggressive Alan as they all enter the appraisal with negative expectations. Their managers learn different techniques to make their respective appraisals positive and productive.

Set in everyday surroundings, well-known performers act out realistic situations in a light hearted and entertaining way that will help you recognise some common errors and understand how to correct them. The familiar settings and witty role play will help you to apply the material to your own workplace.

Before you begin you’ll take a short test to help identify any knowledge gaps. As you work through the course you’ll be presented with simple exercises to check your learning.

You can start the course straight away and access it at any time, providing you have the use of a computer with an internet connection. The course is available for six months from the date first accessed.

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