Excel 2010 Expert MOS

Duration : 6 hours Course Level : Beginner to Expert Delivery Method : Online
Course Cost : £119.99

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This complete MOS certification package includes everything you need to achieve your Excel 2010 Expert MOS certificate, including the official Microsoft online training and reference material, practice tests and your exam voucher.*

Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) is the only performance-based certification that validates the skills needed to get the most out of Microsoft Office. Earning a MOS certification can help you stand out in today's competitive job market, broaden your employment opportunities by displaying your advanced skills, and support higher earning potential.

Please note, the courses and practice tests require Office 2010 to be installed on your PC.

This package includes:

  • Microsoft’s official Excel 2010 MOS e-learning courses: Three online courses (approximately 6 hours of learning) taking you from Introduction to Advanced level using Excel 2010 – the complete training package to prepare for MOS: Microsoft Office Excel 2010 Exam 77-888. These are the same courses as provided with the "standard" level of MOS and include the Expert cirriculum.
  • Microsoft’s official Excel Expert 2010 Study Guide (PDF): The Excel Expert 2010 MOS Study Guide is the companion to the courseware and provides instant access to the exam reference material and step by step task instructions. The Study Guide is provided as a PDF file foraccess via your PC.
  • Practice exams: To maximize your success, access to practice exams is provided (with either feedback mode or simulation mode). The practice exams are delivered through a dedicated website which closely mirrors the actual exam experience.
  • Exam Voucher: Your exam voucher (worth £65) entitles you to sit your MOS exam at an accredited test centre.

*An additional £15 invigilation fee is payable directly to the exam centre when you sit the test.

How you’ll access these resources:

Learners will access the MOS e-learning courses and study guide via their eCourses “My eCourses” page. The instructions to access the practice exams, requiring registration on a separate website, are provided with the exam voucher in an email once the course has been accessed. 

Access to the resources is provided for 12 months from date of purchase.

To book your exam, simply contact your nearest test centre. You need to sit your exam within 12 months of purchase, so please allow time to book your exam before your voucher expires.

What you’ll learn:

Beginner Skills in Microsoft Excel 2010

This Beginner course contains three sections.

  • The first section introduces you to creating and editing worksheets - from setting Excel options and creating a new workbook or worksheet, through to adding and moving data, modifying, manipulating and printing a worksheet, and adding formulas.
  • The second section is about formatting worksheet data, where you'll learn about modifying the formatting of cells and data, using borders and margins, working with Excel table styles, sorting and filtering a data list, reviewing workbook data and using proofing tools.
  • The third section shows you how to work with charts and graphic by editing and formatting them, working with shapes, and inserting graphics and objects.

Intermediate Skills in Microsoft Excel 2010

This Intermediate course has four sections.

  • The first section is about enhancing workbooks, so you'll learn about modifying and editing worksheets, adding headers and footers, working with office themes, formatting and editing cells, conditional formatting, inserting hyperlinks, and formatting cell data.
  • The second section shows you how to work with data, from extending a data series, analysing data by using data lists, cleaning up and outlining data lists, using what-if analysis and performing calculations.
  • The third section covers working with tables and charts, where you'll learn about creating, formatting and editing pivot tables, analysing pivot table data, working with and editing pivot charts and using table styles.

Advanced Skills in Microsoft Excel 2010

This Advanced course contains five sections.

  • The first section covers customising Excel 2010, by setting Excel 2010 options, defining workbook protection levels and customising worksheet views.
  • The second section is about working with worksheet data, from manipulating worksheet data, creating and managing named ranges, to inserting equations, analysing data and working with a PowerPivot workbook.
  • The third section shows you how to work with external data, like defining and editing external data connections, working with XML data and creating and editing web queries.
  • The fourth section cover working with tables and charts, where you'll learn about creating a Sparkline chart and different types of charts, adding Trendline to a chart and analysing Pivot Table data.
  • The fifth section is about automating workbooks, which introduces macros and how to create, edit, run and delete them.