Digital SLR Photography For Dummies

Duration : 2 hours 10 minutes Course Level : Introductory Delivery Method : Online
Course Cost : £25.00

This self-paced course in Digital SLR Photography will give you the confidence to use your camera, begin experimenting and create great photos. It will teach you how to recognise and use all the controls on your dSLR camera, how to change lenses, and all the basic information about photo composition, exposure, focus, using flash, working with colour, and getting great images.

The course is aimed at anyone with an interest in digital photography and digital SLR cameras. It will allow you to become familiar with you DSLR and give you a basic grounding in photographic techniques. There are no formal entry requirements and you don't need any previous experience or qualifications to start learning.

You'll learn how to:

  • understand the differences between a dSLR and a point-and-shoot camera
  • use the various controls
  • view your pictures in the camera
  • set shutter speed, ISO, and aperture
  • adjust colour and white balance
  • choose an autofocus point
  • manipulate depth of field for different effects
  • use your camera's built-in flash
  • avoid red-eye
  • understand different lenses and what they do
  • set up action shots, portraits, and close-ups
  • view and share your pictures in different ways


There are seven modules in this course

  • Getting to Know Your dSLR
  • Understanding Exposure
  • Working with Colour
  • Getting Fancy with Focus
  • Using Your Camera Flash
  • Learning about Lenses
  • Transferring, Sharing, and Printing Your Photos

Course features:

  • Seven interactive lessons help you get comfortable with your camera and start applying good photographic principles.
  • In each lesson, you'll find clear, expert instruction, hands-on activities, summaries, and a way to review topics so you can progress at your own pace. 
  • Reinforce your knowledge at the end of each lesson by completing interactive and multiple choice quiz questions. 

You'll have access to this course for six months from the date of purchase - giving you plenty of time to finish your course.

How this course can help your business:

  • Save money on buying in stock photography by bringing photography needs in-house
  • Capitalise on and manage the knowledge, experience and information contained within your business