Windows 8 for Dummies

Duration : 4 hours Delivery Method : Online/6 months access
Course Cost : £30.00

Windows 8 For DummiesWhether you've just upgraded to Windows 8 or have never used Windows before, this course will help you feel at home with the operating system. If you're new to Windows, start with the basics like opening and closing programs and starting apps.

If you know earlier versions, review the basics and dive into new features of Windows 8, such as the new Start screen and enhanced Internet Explorer.In each lesson, you'll find clear, expert instruction, interactive questions or hands-on activities, summaries, and a way to review topics so you can ensure that you have mastered each skill.

The course covers:

  • Signing in and out of Windows, navigating the Start screen, and using the Charms bar
  • Working with Windows on a touchscreen
  • Storing and managing files and folders and getting online with Internet Explorer
  • Managing accounts and user settings and creating a home network
  • Keeping your system healthy and secure
  • Troubleshooting problems with files and apps
  • Using the new Windows 8 apps such as People, Photos, Weather, and Messaging

and much more!