VAT in SAGE Accounts

Duration : 3 hours Delivery Method : Online/6 months access
Course Cost : £100.00

VAT in Sage AccountsIntroduction

VAT in Sage Accounts is a flexible online course that will give you an overview of VAT legislation and application. You will also learn how to use Sage 50 Accounts to produce a VAT Return, accurately and with ease.

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone who needs to get a better understanding of VAT and will clarify this fundamental aspect of business finance. The course is perfect if you own or work in a small to medium sized business, or if you need to demonstrate your knowledge of VAT to your employer. No prior knowledge of VAT or experience with Sage Bookkeeping is required.

What you will get from this course

You will learn how VAT impacts on your business and understand the different VAT schemes available (including the rates of VAT charged on different items). You will then progress to how VAT works when dealing with other businesses and consumers and gain an understanding of legal obligations regarding VAT and VAT invoices.

You will also understand the VAT Return procedure, common mistakes and how to make VAT payments to HMRC. You will familiarise yourself with the penalties HMRC can enforce and potential VAT inspections

The course includes a module to help you practise how to produce a VAT Return in Sage Accounts

Course topics:

Session 1: What is VAT?
Session 2: VAT Schemes & Rates
Session 3: VAT, Buying and Selling
Session 4: VAT Duties & Responsibilities
Session 5: Introduction to the VAT Return
Session 6: Producing the VAT Return in Sage Accounts
Session 7: Fines, Penalties and VAT inspections

The recommeded browser for this course is Internet Explorer 8-10