Food Hygiene

Duration : 25 minutes Delivery Method : Online
Course Cost : £30.00

Unsafe food causes many acute and life-long diseases ranging from diarrhoeal diseases to various forms of cancer. This course covers the main principles of food hygiene in the workplace. Presented by TV chef Brian Turner, this training is ideal for any company that either deals with food preparation as the main part of their business or simply has a works canteen.

Course Chapters

  1. Introduction You will be introduced to food hygiene and the statistics surrounding food hygiene.
  2. Personal Hygiene Good and Bad personal hygiene
  3. Consequences of Poor HygieneYou will cover the consequences of poor hygiene such as customer complaints, increased food waste and food poisoning all resulting in bad reputation and even prosecution. This also covers the results of good hygiene and a good reputation that can be maintained with the correct attention to food hygiene.
  4. Bacteria Learn about the three main types of bacteria: Useful Bacteria, Spoilage Bacteria and Pathogenic Bacteria. It also cover the four main requirements bacteria need to multiply.
  5. High Risk Foods Find out about high risk foods and the correct handling and storage of foods.
  6. Temperature Control Learn about the temperature danger zone, the importance of correct fridge temperature storage and cross contamination.
  7. Pests Cover the main common pests and the prevention of pests.

The course is available for 3 months from date of purchase.